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7 Secluded Eastern Shore Beaches Worth Exploring

This article was originally written by Laura Scharle (Creator of Delmarva Trails & Waterways) for the Maryland Road Trips.

It’s a pretty special thing to live just minutes from the beach. I’ve lived just outside Ocean City for over a decade, and even after ten years, it still feels like a dream come true. That is, most of the time. During the peak summer season, particularly on Saturdays, my family and I either hang out at home or travel west for day trips. We do this to escape the super crowded beaches and heavy tourist traffic. Years ago, Assateague was a quieter option than Ocean City, but now even Assateague feels like a zoo in the summer. We’re beach lovers, though, and in the summer, we like to spend family time on a beach somewhere, even if it’s not along the ocean. If you’re looking for a quieter spot, check out the following secluded Eastern Shore beaches we’ve enjoyed in recent years. Read more...


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