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Entrance Fees & Passes

Finding out whether or not a place charges an entrance fee is not always all that simple! Parks, boat ramps, wildlife sanctuaries, state forests - they're all managed by different entities and it can get confusing quickly!

The easiest way to find out if a place charges an entrance fee is to just go there and look for signs. But sometimes that doesn't even quite answer your questions! And most people prefer to know ahead of time, before they head out for their adventure, whether or not they're going to have to pay a fee (particularly if the managing agency doesn't take credit cards!). 

The next best thing is to use this site to link back directly to the managing agency for information. On each individual page, we list a link to the agency that maintains the property, and (if applicable), sets the entrance/usage fees. However if you plan to explore Delmarva Trails & Waterways often, we highly recommend purchasing annual passes to the places you frequent the most. 


PLEASE NOTE: This list is to be used primarily for hiking, biking, wildlife-viewing, and paddling. If launching a motorboat, please refer to each state's respective regulations on boater registration and ramp certificates.

County Facilities:




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