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Hiking Safety Tips

Going for a hike on Delmarva?  Awesome!  First and foremost...

  • TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU ARE GOING, how far you are going, and when you intend to return (you know, someone other than the people you're going hiking with)!

If you are planning to visit a trail in a remote location, hike a longer distance, or spend a long time outdoors, please consider the following:

  • Pack drinking water (even in the winter), snacks, first aid kit, and a cell phone.

  • Review a map of the trail before leaving the house, or take a screenshot of the map on your phone to reference later, so that it is accessible even if you lose cell signal.

  • Check the weather and forgo your plans if thunderstorms are in the forecast.  It is also a good idea to avoid hikes in excessive heat and humidity. 

  • If you are hiking a trail in a remote location (such as state forests or wildlife management areas) from early May to mid-October, be sure to safeguard yourself from insects such as ticks and chiggers.  You can do this by wearing a hat, long pants and sleeves, tucking your pants into your socks, and using a bug repellent.  Be sure to shower shortly after arriving home, and check yourself for ticks!  These pests are not as much of a threat during the winter and early spring months.

  • If hiking from mid-October to early February, check your state's hunting seasons.  For more information on hunting, please visit our hunting season page.

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