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Nassawango Creek Preserve by Land and by Water

This article was originally written by Laura Scharle (Creator of Delmarva Trails & Waterways) for the Chesapeake Conservancy's website,

The Nature Conservancy refers to it as “one of the last pieces of true wilderness on the East Coast,” and there is no doubt in my mind that that is an accurate statement. Nassawango Creek Preserve is a true hidden gem in the heart of rural Worcester County, offering an incredibly important wildlife corridor and ample opportunities for visitors to connect with nature.

The preserve consists of nearly 10,000 acres of land, protected by The Nature Conservancy (TNC). In addition, many portions of the preserve back up to the Pocomoke State Forest, making for an even larger expanse of protected land. Nassawango Creek itself feeds into the Pocomoke River, both of which offer miles and miles of undeveloped shorelines and riverbanks to explore. Read more...

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